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AI Case Road-Mapping​

Your Case, Data Profiled: Case metrics based on the unique fingerprint or ‘DNA’ for each case. 

Motion to Dismiss
Predicting motion to dismiss decisions with 85% accuracy, using patent pending AI.
  • Strategically decide whether to file motions, keeping defense plans confidential.
  • Make data-informed decisions on early settlements.
  • Optimize litigation tactics.
Motion Models
Proprietary statistical modeling for motions to compel, summary judgement, transfer, & class certification.
  • Enhance settlement decisions with accurate predictions for all motion types.
  • Includes predictions for rare motion forecasts, including class certification.
Litigation timelines
Forecasting time to potential outcomes for the entire litigation lifecycle.
  • Deliver precise outcomes and cost estimates.
  • Enhance litigation planning for effective settlement and strategy considerations.
  • Select cases to take on strategically.
Intelligent Venue
Target the best venue for filing or transfer. Analyzing all federal judges across all 94 districts.
Additional Benefits
  • Immediate Use: Start without any technical training.
  • White-Label Reports: Share customizable reports under your brand.
  • Matter Number Assignment: Simplify cost tracking by assigning matter numbers.
  • Cloud-Based Solution: Access anywhere, any time.
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AI Intelligence Drives Superior Legal Strategies

When is your settlement leverage at its highest and lowest?

Should you name a particular defendant if that opens the door for a change in venue?

How much of your strategy should you reveal in your motion to dismiss?

When should you be turning your attention to discovery requests and interrogatories?

How does reassignment affect your chance of success at summary judgment?

How is a newly-appointed judge likely to rule?

What venue provides the highest probability of pre-discovery dismissal?

How long will it take for the court to make a decision on the motion to dismiss?

What venue provides the highest probability of pre-discovery dismissal?

Is your budget based on a precise timeline?

ALM Legal Week's 2023 Innovator Of The Year Award

The most innovative Legal AI Company of 2023
Pre/Dicta, a leading provider of legal technology solutions, is proud to announce that it has been named the winner of the 2023 Legalweek Leaders in Tech Law Award for Innovation.  Pre/Dicta was recognized for its innovative use of Artificial Intelligence to predict motion outcomes.