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AI-Backed Litigation Forecasting: Quinn Partners with Pre/Dicta

How AI is Transforming Litigation Risk Assessment and Prediction

Pre/Dicta Claims to Be Nearly 90% Accurate in Forecasting Whether a Lawsuit Will Survive to Discovery. What Can That Data Do For You?

Ross Todd is the Editor and columnist for the Am Law Litigation Daily, specializing in litigation coverage across various legal contexts. Previously, he served as the Bureau Chief of The Recorder, ALM’s California affiliate, where he developed a keen understanding of the legal landscape in the region. Ross’s extensive experience in legal journalism provides him with unique insights into the intricacies of litigation and the evolving role of technology in the legal field.

His writing portfolio includes in-depth articles and columns that explore significant legal cases, notable verdicts, and the impact of emerging technologies on litigation. Ross is known for his ability to distill complex legal issues into engaging and informative content, making him a trusted voice for legal professionals seeking to stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the industry.

Article Summary

Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan has partnered with Pre/Dicta, a legal tech start-up specializing in AI-driven litigation forecasting. This partnership provides Quinn Emanuel’s U.S. litigators with access to tools that predict motion outcomes, including motions to dismiss, class certification, venue transfer, summary judgment, and motions to compel. Pre/Dicta’s unique approach analyzes federal docket data and judges’ attributes, boasting an 85% accuracy rate in predicting motion to dismiss outcomes. This innovative collaboration highlights the transformative potential of AI in legal analytics and litigation strategy.

Ethical considerations and technology competence were key themes at Legalweek 2023, with discussions focusing on the responsible use of AI tools. Lawyers must understand the implications of these technologies and maintain their ethical duty of competence as outlined in the Model Rule of Professional Conduct 1.1. The enthusiasm for AI at the conference underscores its potential to revolutionize legal practice, urging professionals to stay informed and adapt to these advancements.

ALM Law.Com Article: https://www.law.com/litigationdaily/2023/04/24/predicta-claims-to-be-nearly-90-accurate-in-forecasting-whether-a-lawsuit-will-survive-to-discovery-what-can-that-data-do-for-you/ 


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