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AI in Legal Analytics: Insights from Industry Experts

How AI is Transforming Litigation Risk Assessment and Prediction

AI-Fueled Legal Analytics Tools Offer Both An Edge And Peril

Sarah Martinson is a senior reporter covering legal tech at Law360, an online legal news publication. Known for her versatility, she excels in crafting both daily news stories and long-form investigative features. Recently, Sarah contributed significantly to the launch of Law360 Pulse’s legal tech section. 

In October 2021, she wrote a 3,500-word investigative piece on proposed reforms to the U.S. military justice system, which was published by Law360’s Access to Justice and discussed on Law360’s Pro Say podcast. Sarah’s reporting spans a range of critical issues, including President Biden’s criminal justice reform promises, rape kit backlogs, and the legal industry’s efforts to improve attorney mental health. She aspires to further her writing career by authoring novels and nonfiction books.

Article Summary

Generative artificial intelligence that produces text and images is gaining attention in the legal industry, but it’s not the only AI tool available to attorneys. Companies are offering AI-enabled analytics to give lawyers a competitive edge in litigation. Tools like Relativity’s sentiment analysis and Lexis+ provide valuable insights by sorting through large datasets, while Pre/Dicta predicts motion outcomes by analyzing judges’ personal data and case histories.

These AI tools help lawyers save time and make informed decisions about pursuing litigation or settlements. Benjamin Alarie, CEO of Blue J, highlights how predictive analytics support litigation strategies, though challenges remain in using these tools effectively. For example, Relativity’s sentiment analysis wasn’t designed for litigation strategy, and forum shopping with Pre/Dicta’s predictions could backfire. The need for substantial data to ensure prediction accuracy is crucial, as emphasized by Dan Rabinowitz of Pre/Dicta and Alarie, with different approaches to leveraging data for legal predictions.

LAW 360 Pule: https://www.law360.com/pulse/articles/1704348/ai-fueled-legal-analytics-tools-offer-both-an-edge-and-peril


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