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AI Revolution in Legal Tech: Insights from Legalweek

How AI is Transforming Litigation Risk Assessment and Prediction

Shaping the Future of Law: Legalweek 2023 recap and analysis

Nicole Black is a Rochester, New York-based attorney, author, and journalist, serving as the senior director of subject matter expertise and external education at MyCase. Known for her expertise in legal practice management software for small firms, she has authored influential books such as “Cloud Computing for Lawyers” and “Social Media for Lawyers: The Next Frontier,” both published by the American Bar Association. Nicole’s work bridges the gap between technology and the practice of law, providing valuable insights and facilitating industry relations.

In addition to her role at MyCase, Nicole writes regular columns for ABAJournal.com and Above the Law, and has contributed hundreds of articles to various publications. She frequently speaks at conferences on the intersection of law and emerging technologies, educating lawyers on how to leverage technology to streamline their practices and enhance client representation. Her extensive experience and commitment to legal tech make her a leading voice in the field.

Article Summary

During Legalweek 2023, artificial intelligence emerged as a central theme, sparking debates on its potential and ethical implications in legal practice. A standout example was Pre/Dicta, an innovative litigation prediction tool that uses AI to forecast outcomes of motions to dismiss in federal court. Unlike traditional methods, Pre/Dicta analyzes comprehensive federal docket data and judges’ personal attributes to predict rulings with about 85% accuracy. This unique approach underscores the transformative power of AI in legal analytics and litigation strategy.

Ethical concerns and technology competence were also hot topics, with discussions on the responsible use of AI tools like ChatGPT. Lawyers are urged to understand the implications of these technologies and maintain their ethical duty of competence as outlined in Model Rule of Professional Conduct 1.1. The excitement around generative AI at the conference highlights its potential to revolutionize legal practice, emphasizing the need for legal professionals to stay informed and adapt to these advancements.

ABA Journal Article: https://www.abajournal.com/columns/article/shaping-the-future-of-law-legalweek-2023-recap-and-analysis 


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