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3 Questions For A Legal Tech Founder And Handicapper (Part I)

How AI is Transforming Litigation Risk Assessment and Prediction

3 Questions For A Legal Tech Founder And Handicapper (Part I)

Gaston Kroub is a founding partner of Kroub, Silbersher & Kolmykov PLLC and Markman Advisors LLC, with extensive experience in intellectual property litigation and counseling. Recognized as one of the Top 300 IP-monetization strategists worldwide by IAM Magazine, Gaston has been honored in Superlawyers Magazine’s NY-Metro Edition for Intellectual Property Litigation since 2013. His deep expertise in patent, trademark, and trade secret cases, along with his active contributions as a speaker and writer, make him a leading authority on the intersection of patent litigation, investment strategy, and legal technology.

With a successful track record in handling complex litigation across the United States and international patent offices, Gaston is well-versed in the nuances of legal analytics and AI-driven litigation prediction. As an author of a popular weekly IP column on AbovetheLaw.com and a recognized speaker on IP-related topics, Gaston brings invaluable insights into the implications of forecasting technology in the legal profession, making him an ideal commentator on Pre/Dicta’s revolutionary approach to legal analytics.

Article Summary

Pre/Dicta is an innovative legal AI platform that uses machine learning to predict case outcomes and litigation timelines with remarkable accuracy. By analyzing extensive federal case data and quantifying judicial behaviors, Pre/Dicta provides law firms with actionable insights, transforming how they approach motion practices and strategic decision-making. In a recent interview, Dan Rabinowitz, the founder of Pre/Dicta, shared how the platform’s unique capabilities are reshaping the legal analytics landscape, empowering firms to advise clients more confidently and effectively. This article explores the implications of integrating AI into the legal workflow, highlighting its potential to revolutionize litigation strategy and enhance predictive accuracy.

ABOVE THE LAW (READ HERE): https://abovethelaw.com/2024/06/3-questions-for-a-legal-tech-founder-and-handicapper-part-i/ 


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