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Pre/Dicta Enhances AI Legal Prediction Platform

How AI is Transforming Litigation Risk Assessment and Prediction

Pre/Dicta Adds Timeline, Venue, Motion Types to Predictions

David Jolly’s extensive experience as a storyteller, editor, and writer across Europe, Asia, and the United States makes him an authoritative voice on Pre/Dicta, legal analytics, and AI-driven litigation prediction. With over 1,600 bylined articles at nytimes.com and countless more for AP-Dow Jones, David has a proven track record of covering significant global events and trends. His editorial roles at prestigious publications like the International Herald Tribune, The New York Times, and Bloomberg BNA have equipped him with a deep understanding of financial markets, foreign policy, and legal technology.

Currently, David steers coverage of AI at Bloomberg Law, bringing his expertise in pioneering crypto coverage and editing sustainability, tax, and accounting articles. His unique background, including translating Japanese and French and thriving in multicultural environments, allows him to offer nuanced insights into the implications of forecasting technology in the legal profession. David’s ability to navigate and report on complex topics makes him an ideal person to discuss the transformative potential of Pre/Dicta’s AI-driven solutions.

Article Summary

Pre/Dicta has announced the addition of new functionalities to its AI-driven legal prediction platform. The firm’s judicial predictive analytics now encompass multiple motion types, including summary judgment, venue transfer, class certifications, and motions to compel. Leveraging millions of docket entries and cases, Pre/Dicta provides comprehensive metrics to predict judicial actions, aiding lawyers and their clients in strategizing litigation.

Dan Rabinowitz, Pre/Dicta’s CEO, emphasizes that AI-powered predictions will soon become as routine as checking the weather. The platform also offers case-relevant timeline predictions from filing to trial and venue comparisons across all federal venues, providing invaluable insights for legal professionals to make informed decisions throughout the litigation process.

Bloomberg Law Article: https://news.bloomberglaw.com/legal-ops-and-tech/pre-dicta-adds-timeline-venue-motion-types-to-predictions 

Advanced Predictive Analytics for Multiple Motion Types and Litigation Timelines


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