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Pre/Dicta Enhances AI Legal Prediction Platform

Pre/Dicta Adds Timeline, Venue, Motion Types to Predictions David Jolly’s extensive experience as a storyteller, editor, and writer across Europe, Asia, and the United States

Judicial Analytics

Revolutionizing Legal Predictions with AI

Podcast: The Voices of the Internet of Things with Chuck Martin: Dan Rabinowitz, Predicta Chuck Martin is a New York Times Business Bestselling author and


Legal Strategy & AI: Insights from John Quinn

EXTRAORDINARY AI TECHNOLOGY PREDICTS OUTCOME OF MOTIONS WITH 85% ACCURACY, WITH DAN RABINOWITZ John Quinn is a renowned figure in the legal world, widely recognized

Judicial Analytics

Revolutionizing Legal Predictions

Pre/Dicta takes a radically different approach to predictive analytics than others Victor Li, an assistant managing editor, joined the ABA Journal staff in 2013 as

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Podcast: Data Science for Judicial Analytics

Using Data Science for Judicial Analytics (Dan Rabinowitz, Founder, Pre-Dicta) Chad Main, an attorney and founder of Percipient, combines a strong background in litigation with

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Dewey Ballantine, Litigation AI Technology Review

Here Comes Pre/Dicta–Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Legal Analytics and Predictions Jean P. O’Grady is an esteemed expert in strategic information initiatives with

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Legaltech Innovator of the Year

Legalweek Leaders in Tech Law Awards Stephanie Wilkins is the Editor-in-Chief of Legaltech News at ALM, with a decade-long career tracking the progression of legal